Thank you for your interest in LeaderworX! We are excited to welcome another community of young adults interested in building community, developing their faith, and furthering their understanding of service and social justice. Through LeaderworX we hope you come to a greater understanding of the essential link between faith and justice – the inseparable relationship between what we believe and how we live. We hope you will choose to join us this summer. We believe that communities of people, inspired by faith and passionate about service and justice, can truly change the world. We cannot wait for this summer to begin, to have you as part of the LeaderworX team, and to continue building the Kingdom of God together.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, if you are ready to apply for the program, please complete the application below.

In addition to the application, we require references from two people who know you well. Current supervisors, previous employers, colleagues, professors, and advisors are all acceptable. Provide your references with the following link so they can submit their reference directly to us –

Summer 2018 Application

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    The Center for FaithJustice is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race/ethnicity.
  • Occupational Qualifications

    The responsibilities of particular positions require that an individual be at least twenty-one years of age. As such, all applicants are required to answer the following questions.
    Junior LeaderworX is for individuals under 21 years old, or who do not have 3 years of driving experience in the USA. Junior LeaderworX receive room and board. Senior LeaderworX is for individuals over 21 years old who have 3+ years of clean driving. Senior LeaderworX receive room, board and an additional stipend.
    Junior LeaderworX please select "No".
  • Portion of the Summer

    If you are applying for the whole summer you are eligible for a travel reimbursement.